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Hello. This is Ronnie Dobbs channeling to you in ASCII by way of
Madame Thelma on the Psychic CB Channel number 22, lower sideband, for
the Hastings UFO Society.

Everyone here at the Society would like to welcome you to the 1st
PSYCHIC CB RADIO STATION IN CYBERSPACE, and I would just like to say
thank you for taking interest in this IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT.

As you may know, the Hastings UFO Society is strongly involved with
the Sciences of UFOlogy, Alienology, and the Paranormal Sciences, and
our Inaugural Psicast imprinted itself on the Hard Drive here at

Madame Thelma met with the Hastings UFO Society Think Tank about this,
and she told everybody to not be surprised if other Hard Drives on
other systems become similarly imprinted.  She said that she had
discussed this at great length with her dead husband, Olin, on Psychic
CB Channel number 19, and that Olin had consulted with Experts on "the
other side", and they told him to tell her that now that our Psicasts
are going out from Hastings and also the West Coast, that this would
give a multiple of our Empathetic Resonance which may increase our
Psychic RF Gain, whatever that is.

So if any System Administrators notice the sudden appearance of our
Psicasts on their Hard Drives, which have, so far, taken the form of
archives, please let us know so Communications Director Luther Atkins
can put it in his Psychic CB Science Log.

Now, as for listening to our Psicasts. here are some Helpful Handy

HHH #1: Our Psicast Packets are designed to stand alone so folks with
        small systems can take whichever one strikes their fancy, and
        download it without running up the phone bill too much, or
        tying up valuable disk space.

HHH #2: Our Psicast Packets are also designed to plug together, so if
        folks decide to take 2 or 3, then we suggest that they might
        also try and take an insert or two, as designated by the letter
        "i" in the filename, so as to have the satisfying radio
        experience of shameless advertising.

HHH #3: If you are one of the folks who are running Big Hardware, then
        please feel free to take as much as you like. Be sure and look
        for clusters of consecutive file numbers, as this will usually
        indicate a complete feed, or you can mix and match. All you
        have to do next, is to paste them together nice and tight in
        their numerical order, if you're going after a whole feed, and
        then get some coffee, or something, and listen to the Whole Thing.
        But we advise you that THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT YOU TO
        HEAR THIS. So, it might be wise if listeners turn their lights
        off, or something, before they start, and STAY ALERT.

HHH #4: Aggressive Audiophiles might want to try taping the pasted
        audio onto a cassette and listen to it while driving on the highway,
        as Society Member Harlan U. Blount did this and reported that
        the Road and Wind Noise really added to the Audio Experience.
        Harlan also said that he thought it might be especially good
        real late at night.

HHH #5: If you don't have a car, or your license was taken away or
        something, and you can't get anybody to ride you around while
        you listen to our reports, then you might try taking your
        computer up into the attic or down in the basement, and listen
        to the reports there in order to get a sort of "feel" for the
        Spirit of Things.

HHH #6: As a Last Resort, you can try listening to our reports in
        places, and at times, when and where you are not supposed to.

We Hope you enjoy our Psicasts.

Thank You.

Ronnie Dobbs
Hastings UFO Society